New Beginnings

I have always had a passion for aviation and after a flight to get a $100 hamburger with my wife, son, and friend who owns a plane for my birthday, my wife started asking all the right questions about plane ownership and what it would take for me to get my license. So, in 2020 I started taking flying lessons and we started looking for an airplane. We identified 5 planes we were interested in, and she started calling; she told me “I’m buying a plane today”.
The plane we ended up buying belonged to Craig Barnett of Scheme Designers and has a beautiful paint job. Now that I was a plane owner, I started researching how to keep her clean and learned the cleaning processes had evolved to be more environmentally friendly.
Craig had the plane coated with ToughGuard-Aero, so I started looking into this product. After speaking with Dan Reid of ToughGuard and Gary Force, one of Dan’s distributors, I decided to rebirth Fly Clean and bring this amazing product along with my years of experience detailing aircraft to my fellow aviation enthusiast.

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